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To most people, their most important asset is their home and it is therefore important that termite protection remain a priority for each home owner. .

In September 2017, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) granted authorisation to the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) in regard to codes of practice for termite management.

The ACCC recognised by abiding by the standards set out in the Codes, pest managers who chose to be bound by the codes were also required to meet certain levels of practical experience and education in pest management practices in order to be a signatory to the codes.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) promotes competition and fair trades in markets to the benefit of consumers, businesses and the community. The ACCC is an independent commonwealth statutory authority whose function is to enforce the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a range of additional legislation promoting competition, fair trading and regulating national infrastructure for the benefit of Australians.

For additional questions or enquiries regarding the ACCC, please refer to their website at .

A code of practice sets out industry standards of conduct. They're guidelines for fair dealing between you and pest controllers and they let consumers know what businesses consent to in dealing with them. The codes of practice which have been lodged with AEPMA would be to represent the whole of industry.

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The Code has been drawn up by an expert technical committee and sets out the current best actions to consider in dealing with termites. The principles of practice are often revised to ensure they are technically appropriate and set the best options for dealing with termites in Australia.

Yes of course. One of the reasons why the ACCC granted authorisation to the industry codes of practice was that previously, consumers were required to purchase copies of the Australian Standards to see that the minimum requirements necessary in termite work. The codes of practice can be obtained free of charge and can be downloaded from the AEPMA site at

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They can also be obtained from an accredited code of practice pest controller you just have to ask! .

The codes set out dispute resolutions and disciplinary action that may be imposed in regard to a breach of these codes. Signatories to the codes have to agree to be bound by the dispute resolution process set out in the Codes. Codes signatories must have documented consumer complaints handling processes that check out this site comply with the Australian Standards for Complaints Handling in Organisations (ASISO 1002/206).

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Complaints which cannot be solved by the Code Compliance Manager are escalated to a Code Disciplinary Committee. .

Suspend use of this Code until the party in question can demonstrate ongoing ability to comply with the Code,

Failure to comply with the audit of the Disciplinary Committee can result in disqualification, suspension and publication of the violation on the AEPMA website.

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As an alternative to the dispute resolution procedure, or when a customer is dissatisfied with the manner in which a complaint is resolved, they could lodge the complaint with all the relevant consumer protection agency or court of tribunal.

A list of accredited companies that have signed up to the codes of practice are available on the AEPMA navigate to this website site. A list of companies who guarantee to implement the principles of practice can be attained by obtaining a list on

7) The pest control company I'm proposing to deal with does not want to utilize the codes of best practice. In which case, how can I ensure that my job is done properly

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It is not compulsory for companies to undertake work to the Code of Practice. The minimum standards for termite work are set out in Australian standards AS 3660 Termite Management, AS 3660.1 Part 1 New Building Work (2014), AS 3600.2 Part 2 In and Around Existing Buildings and Structures in guidelines and AS 3600.3 Component 3 Assessment Criteria for Termite Management Systems 2004.

If your pest controller is not proposing to use the Code of Practice, you need to request copies of the acceptable standards to which the work is to be conducted. These can be obtained from the pest controller you are contracting to or can be bought from Australian Standards Why would pest control companies reference not want to use the Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice is not mandatory and a lesser standard than the Code of Practice can be obtained via Australian Standards. You should purchase the aforementioned Standards or obtain them in the preferred pest controller in order to ensure that the job you have contracted to fulfills the minimum standards available under regulation.

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